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About Us

PATS enhances the mental, physical, and social well-being of individuals through contact and connection with our pets.

Programs and What We Do

PATS volunteers and their pets serve the people of Vancouver Island with pet therapy visits in health care facilities, care homes, retirement communities, schools, universities, and more.

PATS also partners with local high schools and post-secondary institutions to provide well-attended and beloved “de-stress” events, giving students a chance to benefit from pet therapy at challenging times in the school year.

PATS volunteers help young students with their reading through the Paws and Tales literacy program in schools and libraries. Students are encouraged to read aloud to a dog, who serves as a safe, fun and non-judgemental listener as they develop their literacy skills.



In 1988, Sadey Guy founded PATS.


As a child, Sadey would take her dogs and rabbits to visit the residents at the seniors’ home her family ran. It was only natural that years later, after retiring from a career in nursing, she set out to start the first pet therapy association on Vancouver Island.
Sadey worked tirelessly to establish PATS as a well-organized and respected registered charity with a deep commitment to ensuring clients get the most out of their pet therapy experience. Over more than 30 years, countless clients have benefited from visits with our pets, which have included llamas, miniature horses, cats, rabbits and, of course, dogs.

Though she died in 2015, Sadey is still recognized for her significant contributions to the community. Her history of service and connection is what drives PATS as we evolve to meet the needs of our community today.

Today, PATS volunteers remain true to Sadey’s original intent, bringing comfort and healing to those we visit.


To bring joy and comfort to people through visits with pets.


Visits with pets enhance and transform lives.


The Society’s Board of Directors, staff, volunteers and members are responsible for upholding
the PATS mission, vision, purpose and the following values:

  • We operate in the best interest of the people we serve, the Society, and our pets.

  • We treat ourselves, others and our pets with compassion, respect and dignity.

  • We work to support equity and diversity within our community and strive to be inclusive.

  • We are community-centred, flexible, and accessible.

  • We operate safely by embracing current standards and research.

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